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All about All Universe

Business scopes
encompasses GameFi

The All Universe ecosystem is a transition into a metaverse that integrates the “offline physical economy and online virtual economy,” dedicated to creating market liquidity and profitability through digital assets, diversified asset portfolio allocation.


A diversified application platform integrating offline physical economy and online virtual economy.


To successfully raise funds, achieve a win-win situation for coins and stocks, double capital, and ultimately list on NASDAQ.


To break down barriers between digital assets and the physical economy, enabling asset digitization and value sharing, and providing investors with more diverse, flexible, efficient, and secure investment channels. Creating more value and opportunities for the "physical + virtual" economic industries.
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Ecological Characteristics:

01. Expandability

The All Universe ecosystem is supported by Apex Capital , Apex Technology Investment Co., Ltd. and Silicons Hills Apex Foundation which possess precise resources in investment and project/enterprise incubation fields. With diversified secondary revitalization capabilities, it expands business ecosystems.

02. Innovative

The All Universe ecosystem is a metaverse ecosystem that integrates various elements such as blockchain technology, smart contracts, AI, and physical industries.

03. Efficiency

The All Universe ecosystem utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable fast, secure, transparent, and cost-effective transactions and conversions between the offline physical economy and the metaverse domain.

04. Win-win Situation

The All Universe ecosystem achieves a win-win situation and capital growth through a coin-stock equal rights capital operation model. Users holding platform tokens can enjoy double benefits from the tokens, resulting in capital doubling.

05. Ecosystem Nature

The All Universe ecosystem is committed to building a brand-new metaverse ecosystem, leading innovation and development in the blockchain industry.

All Universe


All Universe


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