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Unleash Your Imagination

Creating a New Realm in the Metaverse

A world-class economic crisis is about to hit

Opportunities at the Forefront of the New Era

Positioning with a global perspective, where crisis and risk coexist

The financial industry is facing complex challenges, including an uncertain economic environment, high inflation, interest rate fluctuations, and supply chain disruptions. These factors have created severe operating conditions for the financial services sector.

Slowing economic growth

The U.S. frequently raises interest rates

Localized conflicts globally

Ongoing local wars around the world

Bank failures

Liquidity crisis erupts in the banking sector

Uncertain international environment

The intensification of great power competition brings storms and turbulent clouds
Welcome to All Universe

About Us

The All Universe ecosystem is a transition into a metaverse that integrates the “offline physical economy and online virtual economy,” dedicated to creating market liquidity and profitability through digital assets, diversified asset portfolio allocation. All participants are citizens within this realm, and based on their citizenship level, they can invest in different sectors of the ecosystem. This setup offers investors a diversified and efficient investment channel, while gradually building the All Universe diversified commercial metaverse empire. Through a “coin-stock equal rights” capital operation model, it aims to achieve a win-win situation for both coins and stocks, capital appreciation, and ultimately aims for listing on NASDAQ.

Currently, the All Universe ecosystem’s business scope encompasses GameFi, DeFi, AI, agriculture, and new retail among other sectors, driving the release of commercial value to accelerate the integration of virtual economies, comprehensively empower them, and create an online metaverse.