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All Universe Makes Significant Strides in Kelantan Tobacco Cultivation Project

The All Universe team recently embarked on a productive visit to our tobacco plantation base in Kelantan, Malaysia. Led by Kelvin Khoo, Project Director for the Asia-Pacific region, the delegation included esteemed guests David Mitchell, founder of the Silicon Valley-based Apex Foundation, and Vice President Dilhan Pillay.

This visit served as a valuable opportunity to showcase the project’s progress and unwavering dedication to sustainable practices. Mr. Khoo provided a comprehensive overview, highlighting the meticulous selection of tobacco varieties that thrive in Kelantan’s unique climate and soil conditions. He emphasized our commitment to implementing resource-efficient management methods to minimize environmental impact. This emphasis on sustainability resonated deeply with David Mitchell, who commended our approach and underscored its importance for future global endeavors.

Sustainable Practices Take Root in Kelantan

The delegation also had the privilege of touring our state-of-the-art tobacco processing facility. A key area of interest was the innovative new tobacco leaf electric curing house. This cutting-edge technology utilizes a heat pump and intelligent control systems to ensure precise curing parameters, leading to a more efficient and standardized process. Vice President Pillay expressed his satisfaction with the facility’s modern advancements and proposed further optimizations to maximize efficiency.

Discussions around the processing facility further underscored All Universe’s commitment to fostering a win-win ecosystem. Mr. Khoo emphasized our dedication to prioritizing both regional economic development and employee well-being. He highlighted the importance of collaboration with local governments, underscoring our belief in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

Cultivating a Win-Win Ecosystem in Kelantan

Our strategic decision to venture into tobacco cultivation stems from the industry’s demonstrably strong potential. Backed by data projecting an impressive 8% annual growth rate for the global tobacco market, All Universe recognizes this sector as a valuable asset. By creating a unique synergy between digital assets and tobacco cultivation, we aim to provide users with a secure and convenient investment opportunity, granting them direct participation in the tobacco industry’s promising growth.

The project’s success in Kelantan is poised to significantly bolster the demand for UNV tokens, the core digital asset of the All Universe ecosystem. The confluence of rising demand and our token deflation mechanisms will serve to propel the value of UNV tokens. This meticulously designed economic model safeguards the interests of all participants within the All Universe ecosystem.

Following the visit, leaders from the All Universe Foundation expressed their unwavering confidence in the project’s progress and its potential to serve as a model for sustainable development initiatives in other regions. This unwavering commitment to ecological responsibility, coupled with a well-defined strategy for future expansion, further solidifies All Universe’s position as a frontrunner in the digital asset space. As we continue to broaden our global presence, we are steadfast in our pursuit of forging new partnerships and development opportunities, propelling us towards achieving our ambitious goals for the future.


The Kelantan tobacco cultivation project exemplifies All Universe’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and community development. By merging cutting-edge technology with responsible agricultural practices, we are creating a secure and rewarding investment opportunity for our users while contributing to the economic prosperity of the region. This project marks a significant step forward in our journey to revolutionize the digital asset landscape and create a more interconnected and sustainable future.